If you have read my recent posts you now know about Heritage Leathercare – who makes it, where it is made, how to use it, etc. Another thing I ought to tell you is the sizes. Heritage Leathercare comes in two sizes, 250ml and 500ml


You can buy Heritage Leathecare online, visit  www.heritageleathercare.co.uk/ For your information you can also buy Heritage Woodcare online, visit www.heritagewoodcare.co.uk I try to process all orders within 24 – 48 hours but there are circumstances such as illness or when I am out of the office , when this may not be possible.

Now, where can you use your Heritage Leathercare? It is absolutely great on leather furniture and car upholstery and, for those of my readers fortunate to own the more exotic forms of transport, boats, aeroplanes, helicopters, etc fitted with leather upholstery, again it is brilliant. It may  also be worth mentioning that Heritage Leathercare is used  regularly by many vintage vehicle enthusiasts who take great pride in a well turned out vehicle. Just to complete the p[cture, Heritage Leathercare is colourless so can be used on any colour.

So, use it on leather upholstery, but you can also use it on leather clothing, trousers, skirts and leather coats. It is also ideal for footwear, shoes, boots, sports boots such as football boots, etc. And for the fashion boots that reach up your legs it can’t be beaten as they are so difficult to look after  but with Heritage it is so easy.

Another area where you can use it is on wooden furniture but you do need to buff them up!

So that has told you some areas where you can use your Heritage Leathercare. In my next post I will tell you how to use it.