How to clean and condition your leather furniture

If you have read my previous blogs you will know about Heritage Leathercare – who makes it, where, how to use it. etc. I now able now start to tell you where you can use it.However,, before I do that, I think I ought to tell you about the brand “Celtic Leathercare” There are some parts of the world where we are unable to use the brand “Heritage Leathercare” so in those areas the Brand “Celtic” is used. It is the same product but just branded differently so, if you do receive a product labelled “Celtic” don’t worry, you are still receiving the Heritage that you ordered.

Now, where to use your Heritage. The first item I will talk about is your leather furniture. Leather is very hard wearing and is ideal for use in almost any setting which makes it great for families or where there are pets although in this case you do have to ensure that the furniture doesn’t get major scratches – your Heritage will however cover minor scratches  Now You may need to dust the furniture before using your Heritage. Don’t worry if the furniture has areas of light grime as your Heritage will clean most colours. For white, cream  and similar light colours, you may need to wash your furniture first. I will tell you more about how to do this in another future post.
Having prepared your leather take your tub of Heritage, wipe across the surface of the polish with the sponge that is supplied or any soft, clean and dry cloth if you prefer. Then remove any surplus by wiping your sponge or cloth across the inside of the tub. All you do now  is wipe in circular motions. using your Heritage Leathercare very sparingly. There should be no need to buff up your leather unless it is  greasy. If it is you have used too much and will need to buff it up using a clean and dry cloth. And that is the job done
We recommend you polish your furniture about 3 to 4 times per year. If, however, your leather is backing on to a radiator or is in direct sun, you will need to use your Heritage more often to prevent your leather drying out and cracking.
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