Heritage Leathercare, now you know!

Since I have restarted blogging I have been giving  you a brief outline of Heritage Leathercare. So, just what is Heritage Leathercare and what makes it so special?  How do you use it?

Heritage Leathercare should be used very sparingly so, using the sponge provided you simply wipe it across the surface of your leathercare and then remove the surplus by wiping your loaded sponge across the inside edge of your tub. All you do now is apply the product by wiping in circular motions until you have covered all the leather.

The results are instantaneous. On touching your leather it should not be greasy. If it is you have used too much and will need to buff it up using a clean dry, soft, lint free cloth. And that is it, job done!

Heritage Leathercare is, as I have said, made in Dublin by Drigate Products (Mfg)  Ltd  which is a  family owned  company.   Heritage Leathercare , like it’s sister product Heritage Woodcare,  is based on a Victorian craftsman’s recipe containing old fashioned ingredients which have been tried and tested over the many years that has now been updated, using modern technology, to enable it to cope with 21st century developments.


Have you tried our sister product Heritage Woodcare? It takes off all the buildup of grease and grime  and, at the same time will remove most ring marks, heat marks and water marks. Check it out at www.heritagewoodcare.co.uk

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