How to use

Heritage Leathercare feeds, polishes, protects leather and leaves a water resistant finish.

Being colourless, it also cleans most colours. However it is recommended that white and similar pale colours are washed first with pure soap e.g. Simple Soap, soap flakes, Dreft, etc. Don’t over wet your furniture and do ensure it is totally dry before going on to use your Heritage. If it is even slightly damp, you will seal this in and that will cause problems.

So, having washed your furniture where necessary or having dusted your furniture where you do not need to wash it, you are now ready – apply sparingly using a clean and dry sponge or cloth,,wiping it across the surface of your Heritage Leathercare and removing any surplus by lightly scraping across the inside edge of your tub. Now all you need do is to wipe your loaded sponge (or cloth) on your leather. There is no need to buff up except when using on patent or imitation (plastic) leather or the treated surface is greasy (this means you have used too much polish)

It is recommended you use your Heritage Leathercare regularly to achieve high levels of protection against wear and tear, as well as water damage, perspiration and dampness.

Heritage Leathercare is colourless so you can use on any colour. However we do suggest you always test on a small unseen section before use if unsure.

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