Shoes, a subject that is very dear to many peoples hearts. However as I am now retired and don’t go out a great deal I mostly live in slippers. I do have proper shoes, black leather, which I use when I go out but I prefer sandals when the weather is warmer.

My shoes then, how do I look after them? As I don’t wear them often and generally not outdoors in muddy conditions they don’t get very dirty so a quick wipe over with my heritage impregnated sponge is all that is required. If they did get muddy then I would need to get that off first. I recommend letting it dry and then brushing it off. I do not suggest you wash the mud off as that may damage the finish. However, if you do wash mud off then it is most important that your leather is absolutely, totally dry before you apply polish.

 When you need to apply your Heritage, do it in the usual way i.e.wipe your sponge that is provided or a clean, dry cloth over the surface of your polish, remove any surplus by wiping across the inside edge of your tub and then apply very sparingly in circular motions on your leather shoes. You should not need to buff up. That is it. Job done. Quick and easy and because it is so easy it means that you can clean your shoes without taking them off your feet if necessary. It is also worth mentioning that Heritage Leathercare is colourless so can be used on any colour.
So how can you get hold of Heritage Leathercare. Again that is easy. To buy it online visit Should you prefer you can get it by post, just send your order and payment, not forgetting the delivery address to DCK Services, (heritage Leathercare), The Technocentre, Puma Way, Coventry, CV1 2TT  We have now also sorted out taking orders by telephone. To do this ring 07967 139636 during office hours please.
Don’t forget, for the best in woodcare try our sister product, Heritage Woodcare. For more details visit