Following on from my post of 21st July when I talked about leather upholstery in cars, boats, etc I have had an email from a reader who is concerned about the effect that all the glorious sunshine and hot temperatures we are having at the moment is having on his leather car seats. I was able to reassure him that with proper care, his worries were groundless. Yes, direct sunshine and the heat that builds up in cars can have a detremental effect on his upholstery but regular applications of leather treatments will prevent drying out and fading and obviously there is nothing better or easier than Heritage Leathercare.


You use it in the usual way ie take your sponge or soft, clean and dry cloth, wipe it across the surface of your Heritage and remove any surplus by scraping your loaded sponge / cloth across the inside of of your tub and then apply in circular motions on your leather being careful not to put too much on. I also suggest that you wait till the leather has cooled, Hot leather melts your Heritage so that it is more difficult to make a good job. If your car is out in the sun for long periods I would suggest that instead of applying your Heritage 4 0r 5 times per year you apply it more often, at least 6 times per year.


Buying your Heritage Leathercare is easy. Visit if you are happy buying online. You can also buy it by post, just send your order, delivery address and payment to DCK SERVICES, The Technocentre, Puma Way, Coventry, CV1 2TT You can also order by phone, ring 07967 139636


Might I also do a plug for the sister product, Heritage Woodcare. It is just the best. Check it out at